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Beth Lovell has been a Human Resources Manager and consultant for over 15 years, helping small businesses create their own Human Resource Department to allow them the professional edge of having an HR Manager without the high overhead cost related to an in-house staff member.  She takes that same knowledge and uses it to assist individuals with creating a resume  presenting their skills and core competencies in the best light possible.  

Beth's mission is to put the pieces of the puzzle together for businesses and individuals so they are able to get the whole picture instead of just a piece here and a piece there.

By helping businesses and individuals she is able to bring the expertise and skills each of these disciplines require to the business and to the job seeker.  Sometimes this crossover can result in matching a job seeker with a company needing someone with the specific set of skills and experience they possess.

The advantage of Beth's resume writing services is her 15 plus years experience of actually screening resume's, interviewing, and hiring for businesses.  As a matter of fact she found over the years that many individuals resume's were actually getting in the way of an applicants presentation of their skills.  During the many years of screening and hiring she discovered that many applicants had wonderful skills and experience to offer but they were "hidden" in poorly written resumes.
She offers 15+ years of Human Resource experience to small businesses and uses the same theory of "putting the pieces of the puzzle together" to create a "Best Practices" approach to creating a well-rounded team of employees chosen and trained to fill all of the business needs for growth and profitability.  Her 15+ years of recruiting has given her the knowledge and experience of finding the sources to assist businesses fill their teams with the best applicants available.

By analyzing the value of each position and determining the Key Performance Indicators needed for the person in the position to be successful, the business will get a better (ROI) Return on Investment for the employee and the position.

In addition to all of the Best Practices a business needs to institute, they need to also keep up to date with employment rules and regulations, in addition to various programs such as Family Medical Leave, Affirmative Action, Discrimination, Harassment, etc.  

Also available are criminal background checking, reference checking, and aptitude testing for applicants.

Call today to arrange for a Human Resources Audit to determine how safe you are regarding your employees and hiring process.

 Beth A Lovell

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Employees are what make a business hum - or screech to a halt!
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